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  • Trained by a Schutzhund Champion

  • Personalized customer support and training guidance

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Highly Trained German Shepherd Protection Dogs for Sale Imported  from Germany


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At International K9 Imports, we specialize in providing the finest home-raised German Shepherd protection dogs, expertly trained, and tailored to your unique needs.

Home raised safe german shepherd protection dog with a baby on a couch

Home Raised. Socialized. Fully Trained Protection German Shepherd Dogs

Kennel-raised dogs may lack exposure to diverse experiences, leading to fear or aggression. All trained German Shepherd dogs for sale at International K9 Imports are home-raised with care and attention to health, socialization, and intense training. Our dogs seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, forming strong bonds and providing excellent protection as German Shepherd guard dogs.

We Have Access to the Best German Shepherd Protection Dogs in the World

With our great experience in finding the best dogs, training, and showcasing dogs globally, we have access to Germany's top breeders, ensuring you receive only the highest quality protection dogs in the World.

German shepherd protects woman
Rosie Westerman with german shepherds elite protection dogs

Made in Germany

Rosie Westerman

Rosie was raised and educated in Germany, a country with a centuries-old tradition of breeding high-quality, good-tempered protection dogs.

Rosie’s particular expertise is in ensuring our protection and security dogs are also confident in public and well-socialized, as well as running International K9 Imports.

German Shepherd Dogs Trained by a Champion

Our German Shepherds undergo rigorous Schutzhund training to guarantee exceptional obedience, reliability, and unmatched security.

Dean Calderon with schutzhund champion
Dean Calderon with trained german shepherd dog

Dean Calderon

Training Director Dean Calderon is a legend in German Shepherds and Schutzhund working dogs.

Over the past 50 years, Dean has qualified 20 times for America's teams at World Championships, competing with three different breeds of dogs and winning two World Championships.

Dean has mentored many trainers, guiding them to top positions in National and World Championships and serving as World Team Captain four times. His expertise ensures you receive only the finest German Shepherds, as his success speaks for itself.

Championship titles in Schutzhund

  • Championship titles in Schutzhund

  • Deans dogs have won a Schutzhund championship in every decade since 1970s

  • North American Champion GSD 1987

  • USCA National Champion German Shepherds 1997

  • AWDF National Champion 2002

  • GSDCA-SV Universal Siegrin 2019

  • UDC National Champion 2021

Trained German Shepherd Dogs from Germany

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Read stories from our satisfied clients who have experienced loyalty and protection of our German Shepherd dogs around the world.

Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Logan

Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Logan

We have developed a very strong and close bond. I live alone and with him in the house, I always feel perfectly safe.

Diana Davison

USA, California

Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs, Schacco and Alena

Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs, Schacco and Alena

These dogs are trained NOT TO THINK on their own. You are the master and only You give the commands. Honestly, we could NOT ask for better dogs.

The Gohrt Family


Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Cai

Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Cai

Cai is such a cute, sweet dog. We totally adore him and happy to have him in our home.


UAE, Dubai

Our Famous Friends

Angelina Jolie
Kris Kristofferson
Rosie Westerman and Johnny Depp
dominic monaghan german shepherd
Sylvester Stallone
Elijah Wood German Shepherd
Daryl Hannah
Roseanne Barr
Floyd Red Crow Westerman with a German Shepherd


Featured Actor in “Dances with Wolves”.
Schutzhund Advocate.

To the Native Americans, the dog is the link between the four-legged and the two-legged. Our team at International K9 Imports provides you with the link to your German Shepherd companion.

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