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Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Logan
Trained German Shepherd Security Dog, Logan

Diana Davison

USA, California

Hi Rosie,

I am so impressed with how professionally you conducted yourself. Previously, I had had a bad experience previously over the purchase of a German Shepherd dog; therefore, I approached you cautiously. You assuaged all my concerns with your caring attention to my situation. You really listened to my requirements, discussed my individual situation, patiently answered all my questions in detail, educated me and was totally professional. It was apparent to me how seriously you approached placing your dogs; this inspired my respect and admiration. You then sent me the most perfect dog in the world! But you didn’t stop there. You followed up afterward to make sure Logan and I were getting along and all was well.

Logan fits into my home and gets along with my 2 cats, which was very important to me. We truly are a happy, loving family! Logan is really a friend and companion to me. There is so much love between us. We have developed a very strong and close bond. I live alone and with him in the house, I always feel perfectly safe. I am also looking forward to doing some advanced training with him. That should be tons of fun. He is very responsive to my commands and extremely easy to handle. We appear to be completely in tune with one another. The comments I get from people are: what a beautiful dog; how well behaved he is; how much he loves me.

Rosie, you sent me the most wonderful dog in the world!!!
Get a German Shepherd dog, and get it from Rosie!!!!

Diana Davidson
Westwood, California

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