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Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs, Schacco and Alena
Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs, Schacco and Alena

The Gohrt Family


Two years ago, my wife Eloise and three little children were carjacked in the gated community were we live. My wife noticed a man following her in the store. She notified the cashier and left the store. My wife played a game with the kids to hurry them up without scaring them; first one to the truck chooses the ice cream. As my wife ran with the kids, the bad man also started running. As my wife got the kids into the Suburban, the doors automatically locked. The man struggled to enter as my wife sped off.

While I was out of town I received the phone call from my wife explaining the details to what happened. I was speechless, and for a moment I realized the only thing worth in life is family. I canceled my meeting and rushed home.

Unfortunately, I need to travel for business, I can’t always be around to protect the family, and I made a promise to my wife and kids that this will never happen again. Unfortunately, in life, there will always be bad people NO matter where you live! I researched many K9 centers. The only one who took the time to talk with us and discuss our needs was Rosie. The other companies just tried to sell a pricey dog. Rosie explained in detail, She sent videos, she prepared for 4 day training at our residence with an outstanding Trainer Sven Viebahn, who simulated real life events, such as break ins, car jacking etc.

To be honest, having three little ones in the home, and always having a lot of company over we were concerned that the dogs would bite. These dogs are trained NOT TO THINK on their own. You are the master and only You give the commands. Honestly, we could NOT ask for better dogs. Thanks to Rosie, we sleep better at night and I am at ease now when I need to travel. Though alarm systems are good, cell back ups are better, guns help too, but nothing beats … PACKEN!

Viel Danke Rosie,

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