German Shepherd Training and Handling Experts

Rosie Westerman with Amie

Rosie Westerman

Representing a centuries-old tradition

Raised and educated in Germany where breeding quality protection dogs goes back hundreds of years, Rosie successfully shows dogs all over the world, including France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, and the United States. Her knowledge, experience, and relationships give her access to Europe’s finest German Shepherd protection dogs. As a result, International K9 Imports is able to provide you with the finest personal protection dogs in the world.

Rosie’s particular expertise is in ensuring our protection and security dogs are also confident in public and well-socialized, as well as running International K9 Imports.

Dean Calderon

Dean Calderon

2003 American Working Dog Champion

USA Team World Captain, 2005 Championship

Training Director Dean Calderon is a legend in the world of German Shepherds and Schutzhund, with a long history of successfully training champion dogs. For more than 25 years he has represented the United States in world competitions, winning numerous championship titles in the demanding sport of Schutzhund. Dean has a true connection and love for the dog, which he communicates to individual pet owners as well as professional dog-handler teams.

I conduct training seminars that teach dog trainers how to work efficiently with their German Shepherds. All great training starts with a great ability play, so my initial emphasis is working with the trainer to teach correct play techniques to the dog. We develop the dog’s sense of play as a critical part of building superior interaction skills.

The young dog has to learn the rules of play, including when to let go of the toy and when to take the toy. Once basic rules are established, the dog will rapidly learn more complicated commands. As a result, the young dog works more effectively with the trainer and can acquire even more sophisticated skills.

In IPO trials, the dog must demonstrate absolute control at all times. During the tests, the dog must work briskly and with an air of confidence. To achieve this level of cooperation, the dog and trainer must establish a special relationship in the early stages of training. Establishing a rapport ensures the dog’s correct responses during play, and is instrumental during later training exercises.

All dogs are different, and we recognize and train them as individuals. Sometimes, this requires special insight from an experienced trainer. For example, I remember encountering a particular dog in one of my seminars. The dog had a good foundation in obedience, but the trainer was finding the protection training phase challenging.

The trainer tried various techniques to correct the dog, but the dog would not comply. I suggested a return to basics: structured play. I had the trainer bring out the dog’s favorite ball and tell the dog “Sit!”. Then, he rewarded the good behavior with the ball. After more practice, we tried again with the “bad guy” near the dog. Once again, the trainer gave the command, the dog sat, and was rewarded with their favorite ball. After four to six more training sessions, we had the dog successfully trained without the previous struggles.

Spend time playing with your dog: he will love you for it, and it will pay off in the end!

Helmut Koenig

Helmut Koenig

Our Partner in Germany

Award Winning Shutzhund Trainer

Helmut is one of Germany’s most well known and respected Champions, a legend in his own right.

Helmut has won Germany’s overall Championship and that of his home state Wuerttenberg. From his club, he has shown 27 times members with 23 different dogs at the German championship. No one else in Germany has ever achieved this level of excellence during the 100‑year history of the German Shepherd. An incredibly accomplished person in the German Shepherd world. He has given seminars nationally and internationally and has competed in over 500 working dog trials!

Floyd Red Crow Westerman with International K9 Imports Ami

Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Featured Actor in “Dances with Wolves”

Schutzhund Advocate

To the Native American, the dog is the link between the four-legged and the two-legged. Our team at International K9 Imports provides you with the link to your German Shepherd companion.

Mission Statement

The mission of International K9 Imports is to find the most compatible match between our German Shepherds and clients. We work with our European affiliates to find the German Shepherds that are “the best of the best”.

During training, our International K9 Imports German Shepherds are placed in an environment in which they must interact with the elderly, small children and other dogs. This is done to ensure the clients’ desires are met when they are introduced to their German Shepherd. Temperament and physical appearance of the German Shepherd should be agreeable with the client’s demands, and it is our job to provide them with this service. Our goal is to establish a symbiotic and positive relationship between our clients and our International K9 Imports German Shepherds. The happiness of our German Shepherds and our clients is of extreme importance to us, and that’s why we carry out extensive follow ups and personal visits.