Feel safe with a specially-trained Schutzhund!

Fend off attackers

Our International K9 Imports German Shepherds have been specially trained to assist and protect women of all ages. This is a vital key to your empowerment. With your dog at your side, you’ll feel safe wherever you are.

A German Shepherd is a visible deterrent. A criminal does not know if you have a gun, but they will see your German Shepherd. Criminals prefer easier targets than a woman with a big German Shepherd protector by her side!

Women select German Shepherds in order to give them peace of mind, and to maintain a comforting sense of security. In these challenging times, women living alone, single mothers, or a woman whose partner travels on business all need extra security. An International K9 Imports German Shepherd protection dog is always at your side and ready to handle dangerous situations.

More than protection

At the same time, our protection dogs come with an added level of training.

International K9 Imports delivers highly skilled protection dogs that are well-adjusted to both home and public life. Our dogs not only have hundreds of ours of obedience and defense training, but also, extensive work in public places like malls, stores, traveling, and more. Our dogs are uniquely suited to accompany you anywhere, anytime, and behave appropriately.

It is a great feeling to know that you and your loved ones are safe from criminals and predators with your International K9 Imports German Shepherd providing extra keen eyes and ears.

Protection when you need it most

We provide families and individuals with the ability to have a front line deterrent to any criminal or person with harmful intent. Through the use of professionally-trained German Shepherds, International K9 Imports can provide extra security right where it is needed most.

Our Executive Director of Dog Training, Dean Calderon, is recognized as one of the world‘s top trainers of German Shepherd patrol dogs and their handlers. Dean has considerable experience working with the canine patrols of the Los Angeles Police Department and the canine police in Germany.

Our President, Rosie Westerman, was educated in Germany, where breeding quality working dogs goes back centuries. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships, which providers her access to the finest German Shepherds available.

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