Highly-Trained Watch Dog and Certified Germans Shepherds

Trained Watch Dogs for Family Home and Business Security

A trained German Shepherd makes an excellent protection dog. This breed is known for its speed,strength,intelligence and keen sense of smell. This is why they are excellent as a guard dog.

A good temperament is key for this working dog. We specialize in finding and training the best high-pedigree German Shepherds. When it comes to protection for your family, a well trained German Shepherd is more effective than a security alarm system.

The loud bark,and look of our German Shepherds is enough to turn away a burglar. They are the best protection dogs,you can find. They are obedient and wonderful companions.

Even with a high priced alarm system,there is no guarantee that the police will be able to come right away. Our trained German Shepherds,with their keen sense and intelligence,will sound an alarm with their warning bark. Your home will be safe and protected.

We specialize in making sure to place the right trained German Shepherd with your needs and your lifestyle. German Shepherds are very loyal to their owners,and very loving.

If you want a family dog that is loyal and a professionally trained German Shepherd, you have come to the right place. Predators,and burglars will think twice before they attack you with a well trained German Shepherd.

Why are our trained German Shepherds are the best security dogs for your protection

Our training method of Schutzhound Trial Process thoroughly trains each dog in all the important tasks of a watch dog for family protection:

  • Tracking Test: The German Shepherds‘ ability to track people This tests the German Shepherds‘ keen sense of smell,and intelligence. It is highly important for protection dogs and guard dogs alike to have this ability. It is also essential for search and rescue and service dogs.
  • Obedience Exercises and Skill: This tests the German Shepherds‘ basic obedience commands,such as sit,stay,and the ability to obey a command instantly. This is essential for a well trained German Shepherd to be able to do. There may be a time when they must stand still and stay, at your command instantly.
  • Protection: German Shepherds are bred with the natural instinct to protect. We test this to make sure they are ready to be a protection dog or guard dog.

Our trained experts make sure each German Shepherd is ready for service. We make sure that they come from high quality breeding. A German Shepherd is lifelong companion and loyal protector.

We have many years of expertise in finding the right German Shepherd pedigrees, and making sure they ready for guard dog or dog protection service. This breed is known for its exceptional loyalty to its owner,natural instinct to protect and to be a wonderful companion.

Trained German Shepherds are far more effective than having a gun in the house for protection or a very expensive alarm system. They are very smart,and have a very keen sense of smell. Their loud warning bark will protect your home and family.

They are also effective guard dogs and protection dogs for service work. Our trained German Shepherds go through trials and tests to ensure they are loyal loving companion dogs and security dogs.

As a companion dog,they are very affectionate. One of the most important characteristics of German Shepherds is that they need to be well trained,and socialized. We take pride in our selection of trained German Shepherds. They require a firm touch and loving owner.

Many people buy German Shepherds as both a companion dog and a security dog. They don‘t know how to train them properly or check the pedigree standards. Temperament with this breed is important for training and bonding with their owner. We make sure to check for the highest pedigree and professionally trained German Shepherds. Our dogs are ready work and to be a good companion dog.