Highly-Trained and Personal and Family Security Dogs

Trained German Shepherds are Excellent Security Dogs

Trained German Shepherds are one the of most popular security dogs on the market today and are one of the best crime deterrents in the private security industry. These loyal breeds are preferred by some owners over bodyguards because they instill an innate fear in would be assailants and cannot be bribed. They are reliable and form steadfast bonds with their owners. Good German Shepherds, like ones trained by International K9 Imports, have been known to sacrifice their lives protecting their owners.

These are loyal, well trained sociable dogs that thrive on an athletic and active lifestyle, whilst maintaining the gravitas and physical qualities to make it an effective security dog. German Shepherds have a reputation of being a physically imposing breed and are regarded as some of the finest guard, police, and military dogs around. However, they are also common service dogs for the blind, proving their adaptability and obedience. German Shepherds are substantial animals weighing anywhere from 75 to 90 lbs. and are between 22 and 26 inches tall. They are fearsome when in attack mode – which will hopefully only be a last resort.

German Shepherds are effective security dogs because of their innate protective instincts. They will be hostile, without the correct training, to strangers. But professional and confident training like that provided by International K9 Imports ensures they can tell the difference between normal and abnormal behaviors in different people. We train them to spot the difference between your grandmother, the neighborhood kids and potential assailants.

At International K9 Imports we train the ideal Schutzhund dogs. All our dogs undergo an elite training routine developed in Germany (Schutzhund), which along with stringent breeding checks, includes a series of trials which the dog must pass before they can be bred or sold. We take special care in training only small groups of dogs at a time – no more than five to a group. By investing time in each dog, we can ensure that they are safe to handle in different locales and situations. We take them into our homes, on excursions and into a range of different public settings. We work hard to train and socialize our German Shepherds to ensure they have a stable and confident demeanor and that they can act as an effective security measure.

Our security dogs are the ideal German Shepherds; they are confident, direct, fearless, incredibly loyal and intelligent. They also exhibit a certain amount of aloofness. This prevents them from being swayed by friendly intruders which means they won‘t provide sufficient security cover. Our German Shepherds are effective watch and guard dogs. The main difference between them being a watch dog will bark and alert you to a possible threat, whilst guard dogs will defend you or your territory from would be burglars or assailants. A German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that thrives on a sense of duty and mental stimuli. You can be secure in the knowledge that your security dog is content and well cared for, even when working.