For Sale: Superbly Trained German Shepherds

About Our Schutzhund Protection & Security Dogs for Sale

Our prestigious trained German Shepherds come only from the finest pedigree and are trained to exacting standards for protection and obedience. We train no more than five dogs at a time to ensure the maximum care and quality instruction. We not only train thoroughly, we personally work with each and every trained German Shepherd inside our homes, on trips, and in all types of public situations to give your dog an unprecedented level of comfort and confidence in any situation.

Our trained German Shepherds are tre 24/7 uprotectors, truly the best of the best. Our elite trained and imported German Shepherds for sale start at $16,000 USD.

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NOTE: We strive to match our trained German Shepherds with the right person or family. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a dog to any person or family for whom a particular dog may not be a good match.

New German Shepherd Family Protection Dog: Quai vom Maisfeld

IPO 2 / SCH2

Born April 23, 2011, Quai is a large and impressive German Shepherd with a gorgeous coat, and an intelligent, even personality, impeccable manners, and beautiful discipline. Quai is well-trained to be around other dogs, and is also very fond of children. As with all of International K9 Imports dogs, Quai is the product of a strict breeding program and has an extensive pedigree. Large boned with a deep chest, strong musculature, and excellent hips and elbows.

Quai is protective of his family, and thanks to his extensive training, he has qualified at IPO2 training level. An ideal dog for protection, Quai will ensure the safety of your family, and can search your home on command for any criminals. Quai will heel sit, down, and come on and off leash.

See Quai in obedience training:

Available Now at a Super Low Price!

New German Shepherd Family Protection Dog: Lando

IPO 3 (Highest level of training possible)

Trained by Dean Calderon: American Working Dog Champion

Meet Lando, a male German Shepard imported by International K9 Imports. Lando, alert and exceptionally intelligent, is seen here after a romp in the snow. Lando, like all of our protection dogs, is first and foremost a perfect family dog. He is exceptionally trained to respond instantly to your commands, whether to come when called or cuddle on the couch. Lando is assured to become your family’s protector, yet be gentle, loving, and always there for you.

Lando is a product of a strict breeding program using the best German Shepard bloodlines. Lando’s ancestors have had health tests, clear hips and elbows, and an extensive working test before they were able to participate in the German breeding program.

Lando, like all of our dogs, was raised by a family in Germany. His first trainer was the family grandfather, followed by his twelve year old grandson, then American Working Dog Champion, Dean Calderon.

Lando has been a part of the household his entire life. Lando earned the highest training award of IPO 3 with top marks. Lando is the living example of what the Germans say to describe their national dog, “the best family and protection dog in the world.” Lando loves to go on walks, retrieve his favorite toy, sleep by your bed, and will be on constant alert to protect you and family!