Reference Letters

A Letter from Tochigi, Japan

RE: The Police Dog Show

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that I invited Dean Calderon and Rosy Westerman to perform Police Dog Show at Nasu Animal Kingdom located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan for three consecutive years from 1997to 2000 duration of which lasted for 6 month each year during my tenure as senior managing director of Nasu Resort Corp, a subsidiary of Marubeni corporation.

They did show completely trained German Shepard before the packed audience having made them bark during their performance and next moment had them show their obedience totally under their control. The dogs were so trained that little kids were able to gather around the dogs tapping and petting them without any danger.

I admire their professionalism in training dogs and entertain audience.

Senior Managing Director
Nasu Resort Corporation, Japan

A Letter from Malibu, CA

RE: A Schutzhund Purchase

To whom it may concern,

We purchased our German Shepherd a few years ago from International K9 Imports and are very satisfied. Our Iko is very protective of us and our estate. He is a stunning, big, black and brown Dog. He shows us his love every day. In this troubled times we cannot imagine Live with out this 24/7 security.


Caroline Andersson
Malibu, CA

Regarding Dean Calderon

RE: Schutzhund Training

I have worked with Mr. Calderon in the last year with my German Shepherd who has been trained through Schutzhund Level III. I acquired my dog several years ago and had concerns about incorporating him into my family and allowing him to live with my 2-year old child.

Mr. Calderon has been expert in describing the dog‘s capabilities and has shown me how to maintain his skills, with strong emphasis on obedience training. I am a single parent, a physician and a partner in an orthopedic medical group in the Los Angeles area. I have constant concerns about the safety of my child when I am away. Since we started working with Mr. Calderon, the dog has been instrumental on several occasions in warning the nanny of the presence of individuals posing as workmen who had stepped onto my property. The dog has accompanied my daughter and myself on walks in the early evenings. We feel quite safe in walking through areas where there might be some concerns about safety.

I have grown up in a family of veterinarians and am quite familiar with dogs trained for security work. Until now, I did not know that these dogs can become lovely family members as well as great protectors.

I am planning to bring along a puppy with Mr. Calderon and I am quite excited at the prospect of my daughter working the dog as she grows up as well.

Mr. Calderon is quite gently in his training methods. He clearly loves the animals that he works with. At no time has there been any overt or aggressive correction. My dog and his animals are quite happy to work with him.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Calderon to anyone.


A. Elizabeth Bloze, M.D.
Santa Monica, CA